Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Publish on Amazon (using Createspace)

Creating and publishing on Createspace can be free if you use the tools they give you (you can create the cover and insides if you use their templates). You would then just have to pay for the books you buy to resell or give away. This is print-on-demand so you don't need to have a large supply of books in your house.


Is your book is at least 24 pages? If so, you can produce a softcover book:


  • Sign up for free account on CreateSpace. Start here:
  • Member agreement (requires your legal name, mentions your responsibility to pay taxes on royalties, etc. Seek lawyer’s advice if concerned).
  • Start project with the book’s title—this title can be changed later (so, just get started).
  • Choose setup process (go with “Guided” for step by step help along the way).
  • Click on “What’s This” for more info on terms such as “Publication Date” and “ISBN”.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) options—this is important decision. I would save that decision until you have carefully looked over the options. I would even ask a bookstore for their advise on which way you should go  on that.
  • Files accepted for uploading: pdf, doc, docx, rtf.
  • CreateSpace offers a “Formatted Template” to download. Cut and paste your work into it.
  • Videos available along the way to further demonstrate what to do.
  • “Build Your Cover Online” for free by clicking on “Launch Cover Creator” button.
  • Use their cover images or upload your own (jpeg or tiff).
  • Once complete, you will be given your file to create an e-book on Amazon through Kindle.

If you want the book available on Amazon, createspace makes it easy for you and will your deposit royalties in your bank account. The last time I checked, however, you can have only one primary author. Many others can have their names on it as contributing authors, etc., but createspace will only pay one. But, things keep changing so to know for sure, they will call you right away once you input your phone number at this link:

Again, if you have any questions, contact Createspace directly at:

Self-Publishing on Amazon

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