Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dramatic Reading & Civil War Love Letters

Dramatic Reading & Civil War Love Letters
9/22, 9/29, 6:30-8:30pm, New London High School.

Bring the dead back to life! Learn the art of dramatic reading with actual Civil War love letters in my class offered through New London Adult & Continuing Education. The workshop will end with a performance.

Program title: Dramatic Reading & Civil War Love Letters
Dramatic reading is a fun and valuable skill to learn if you want to present your own writing or act in a “reader’s theater.” This two-part class includes learning how to read with feeling--emphasizing and pausing where appropriate--and will conclude with a performance of the reader’s theater, “Ever True: A Civil War Love Story.” Participants will read and narrate actual Civil War letters between a Union private and his wife. No memorization required!
Lisa Saunders is a TV Talk Show host and author of the book and play, Ever True: Civil War Letters of a Union Private and His Wife.

If questions, contact:
Peggy Cherrick
New London Adult & Continuing Education
New London Public Schools
Three Shaws Cove
New London, Connecticut  06320
(860) 437-2385  ext.# 106
(860) 447-4025 fax
(860)625-1008 cell

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