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What is the Mystic Writer’s Colony?

What is the Mystic  Writer’s Colony? 
(note: alternatively could be called Artists Colony)
by Judith Clinton,
owner/facilitator of, The Way of the Labyrinth, a writer’s and artist’s retreat. 

Mystic Writers Colony is a group of people who understand the struggle.  Who understand the need to be creative and the need for community, whether you write fiction or nonfiction, essays or poetry, novels, plays or a journal.  And artists of all kinds are welcome to come along.  Whether you are a painter or photographer with a show at a local gallery, or the gallery owner; an actor in a new play that’s in rehearsal or the playwright who wrote it, the chef who works feverishly in the kitchen cooking up culinary creations that make for a memorable meal, the ballet dancer or the director of the ballet. Each art form uses its own techniques, but each manages to express itself in ways which offer both significance and pleasure at the same time. We understand.  We know the journey can sometimes be lonely, frustrating, and terrifying. We also know that joining a community of people who understand both the hills and valleys of the road can make the journey easier and help you reach your destination.

To some, art seems impractical when compared with business. It may seem to be not useful. Its purpose, thus, remains vague to many.  Some think of it as play and, therefore, not fundamentally important. The financially successful artist frequently is honored not because he is a good artist, but because they have become successful in a business sense.  And since people cannot always agree upon the worth of individual works of art, many question the value of art itself.  Even those who profess to love art often cast doubt upon its worth.  However, art helps us to relax, to find harmony within ourselves, and to understand both ourselves and our world. It stimulates discussion, inspires ideas and fosters growth by questioning the status quo.  For these reasons, art has played an important part in all periods of history, and because it fills such basic needs, it will always be a part of our lives, even the lives of those who don’t understand it or say they have no interest in it.

We call ourselves “a collection of writers and artists,” which includes, writers of both fiction and nonfiction, poetry and plays, as well as painters, sculptors, mixed media, architects, gourmet chefs, designers, singers, songwriters and anyone who enjoys expressing themselves in an artistic fashion.  We are dedicated to the exploration of art and artists living in and around Mystic, Connecticut.  As artists living in closeness of proximity, we will come together and sit at the same table to create, share, explore and progress; a glittering group gathering to banter, discuss, converse, reveal, charm, embellish, discourse, lecture, entertain and educate.

Come along with us. Sit at our table, partake in the discussion.  Get to know one another. Share your work, inspire one another.  When you’re ready, become a part of our community.
Judith Clinton is owner/facilitator of, The Way of the Labyrinth, a writer’s and artist’s retreat.  Located in Stonington, CT on a 7 acre estate with an 11 circuit Chartres Labyrinth as a centerpiece, Judith facilitates workshops in walking the labyrinth, as well as theatre arts and creativity workshops. Write to Judy directly at: or visit:

More about Judith Clinton

Judith Clinton studied theater at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and The Circle in the Square in NYC. She has a BA in Theatre from Eastern Connecticut State University and a graduate degree in The Creative and Expressive Arts from Salve Regina University.  Judith grew up in New York and is the author of the full-length play Fight Night, a one act play, To the Neighbors, and the book to a musical, Journey, based on the major Arcana of the Tarot. Her play, Fight Night, was produced by Emerson Theatre Collaborative in Mystic, Connecticut.  Her one act play, To the Neighbors, received a staged reading by St. David’s Players in Gales Ferry, Connecticut.  Working alongside her late husband, Edward Clinton, for twenty five years, - they collaborated to create and develop original film and television scripts sold to companies such as Warner Bros, CBS, Walt Disney Productions and Touchstone Films.  Their comedy, Winners!, has received workshop productions in the US at Theatre by the Sea, Chelsea Theatre Center and Donald Oat Theatre, and in the UK at Eastbourne College, and Jermyn Street Theatre in London. Judith is currently a member of the Connecticut Board of Directors Showcase Committee of the 70 year old arts company, Plays for Living, a theatre company that gives voice to sensitive issues by staging live dramas to provide a safe environment for people to openly explore tough subjects such as aging, diversity in the workplace, teen bullying, domestic violence, care giving and other issues concerning oppressed people and challenging social issues. 

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