Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ideas for the Mystic Writer’s Colony

What is the Mystic Writer's Colony?
A collection of resources for writers who journey to the shores of Connecticut to get inspired and published.

Once We Have a Central Location:
Sample Events

Drop-in events include Writer’s Open Mic, Writer’s Network (like the Chamber’s networking events), and conferences. For example, at one Mystic Chamber networking event I attended, I met the president of a local theater group who went on to produce my Civil War play. Editors and illustrators would want to attend these networking events as they and writers need each other.   

 Sample Workshops

·        How to Get Published

·        How to Self-Publish

·        How to Write a Memoir

·        Journaling

·        How to Write a Play

·        Improv

Benefit to the Community

·        Encourages writers from New York and Boston to travel to Mystic for support and inspiration.

·        Brings area writers to downtown Mystic.

·        Mystic Community Bikes is a nice way to promote travel by Amtrak and Peter Pan Bus.

·        Tourists sometimes complain there is nothing to do in Mystic at night (other than pubs). Now, they can attend open mics and improvs until 8pm.

If there is ever an annual membership fee, it can include:

·        Discounted price at networking events.

·        Listing in the Mystic Writer’s Colony website.

·        Ability to post an event on the Mystic Writer’s Colony website.

·        Listing in the Mystic Writers Speakers Bureau (I organized and promoted one at the New York college I write for. Writer’s need to speak to sell books and organizations need to know where they can find authors to speak at their events).

About me: Lisa Saunders teaches writing and publishing workshops to children and adults and recently started the newsletter Mystic Seafarer’s Trail to reach tourists and locals with ongoing fun in the Mystic area, which includes items of interest for the Mystic Writer’s Colony. She is the author of several traditionally published and self-published books including How to Get Published and Mystic Seafarer’s Trail.  Visit Lisa at www.authorlisasaunders.com or write to: saundersbooks@aol.com.

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